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Dear Friends,

I am beginning my first year as the library media specialist at a school where I 
have been
teaching for several years.  I just received next year's schedule in the mail, and 
am very
unhappy with it.  All teachers in our district (including librarians) are 
guaranteed by contract
a certain amount of prep time each week.  I have only been given 1/3 of the 
required prep time.
I believe that the principal is justifying this by calling the hours that the 
library is on a
flexible schedule as potential prep times for me.  (I have grades 1 - 3 on a fixed 
schedule and
k, 4, & 5 on flex.)  There is one 40 minute slot of flex time each week for each 
class that is
not on a fixed schedule, and I am expecting all of these slots to be filled!

I have also been scheduled for lunch duty.  The worst day is Friday, where I am 
scheduled away
from the Library Media Center and into the lunch room for 2 1/2 hours!

I know that I can go to the union and and they would demand that I be given back my 
prep time,
but that will certainly alienate my principal.  I would like to meet with her and 
explain how
important it is for a LMS to have time to write lessons, collaborate with teachers, 
and manage
the collection.  I also want to convince her that closing the LMS to students 
during the school
day so the librarian can be on lunch and yard duty is a disservice to the school.

I am preparing what to say to my principal, and I would appreciate any suggestions 
and advice
you could give me.


Ginny Beall

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