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At 10:25 PM 5/2/99 -0400, you wrote:
 >As I understand it, this could dramatically impact how we must create our
 >own webpages in the future - including school and personal pages - and
 >might force many webmasters to discontinue their webpages simply because
 >we/they don't have the time or server space to create or recreate pages
 >that would satisfy these requirements.
For what it's worth, the recommendations that the Center for Applied
Special Technology (CAST) use on their Bobby program, are some common sense
recommendations that a lot of us have been following anyway.

The actual Federal guidelines will be promulgated sometime later this
month, but the intent seems to be fairly common sense... primarily with a
view towards making sure that the website can be processed by someone who
uses a text reader instead of a fancy graphical browser.

The only difficulty I can see for folks is waiting out the delay until the
popular website creation tools respond to the guidelines so that folks
don't have to go in and tweak their websites by hand.


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