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It's that time of year again.  Does anyone know the recommendations for
number of student ratio to media center employees?  We are a k-12 school
with about 450 students.  I am the full time media generalist which means I
do same as many of you do which includes selection, ordering, designing and
running reading programs, etc. etc.  I have 13 elementary classes that I
see once a week plus I teach a media skills class year round to 8th
graders. There is no text for this so my curriculum comes from my head -
you know the story!   This is a 45 minute class session daily.  I have no
scheduled prep but take it when I can. I teach inservices for teachers
about 10 times a year and do various things with high school students, etc.
I have one aide who works 30 hours a week.  She does book processing and
reshelving plus other secretarial and grunt jobs.  My question is, are we
in the ball park for a good teacher/student ratio?  What do you think? I
know I have seen guidelines on this but of course I can't put my hands on
it at this time.  I would appreciate your help by Thursday - we have a
meeting. Thanks - Bev

Bev Nelson                             work:bev.nelson@springgrove.k12.mn.us
k-12 Media Generalist                  home:bnelson@means.net
Spring Grove Public School             Spring Grove, MN   55974

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