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Hi.  Wanted to chime in with a warning, an example, and to second the

Administrators may be clueless at times, but there are lots of reasons for
this.  As Gary Hartzell said, many administrators never had any instruction
in how to use libraries and information.  And, a good many also lack good
role models, having never worked in schools with active, engaged library
media programs.  My warning is not to beat up on the administrators - help
them to see what a difference we can make.  Back in the Fall, I issued a
"call to action" - to seek out teacher and administrator training programs
in colleges of education as well as to do something specific in your schools
and districts to reach out to new teachers, student teachers, and others.

How about reporting back to LM_NET about what you have done.

Here's an example from the state of Washington. It's an email message I
received from Debra Kilcup:

"Just wanted you to know. . .  You issued a challenge earlier in the year
for librarians to educated those around us.  I asked and have finally been
invited by St. Martin's College to participate in some lit/education classes
and inform ed students on the importance of school librarians and what we do
for curriculum.  Thanks for the push.  I know all helps to further our
Debra Kilcup/Librarian
Meadows Elementary School
836 Deerbrush Dr SE
Olympia, Wa  98513
(360) 412-4695
FAX: (360) 412-4699
E-Mail: dkilcup1@mickey.esd113.wednet.edu

So - I agree with the challenge - let's continue to get out there and make
things happen.  Make that contact, work with that administrator, reach out
to that parent.  One at a time, we can make a difference.


p.s. - please respond directly to LM_NET with any comments or reactions.

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