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Tried to post before but it was too large.  Of course my computer at
home was down so I didn't know that until today.  So many have asked for
a hit that here it is.  For the lady who said it "would have been
nice,"  you got it!  Thanks again for all who helped
out.  It's amazing how all over the country, some of the same
ingrediants showed up most of the time!

1 large velveeta
2 cans hormel chili, no beans
1 can chopped green chilis
1 bunch chopped green onion

Cube velveeta, mix with other ingredients and melt.  It is great!  If
you want it spicer, you can use either jalapenos in place of the chilis
or Hormel also makes spicy chili with no beans.

I have the best (and easiest) recipe for "Texas Mud" - we just
served it at our end of the year luncheon for our student workers and it

was a great hit!  It takes about 2 minutes to mix up:

For each recipe:
    1 can of chili without beans
    1 small jar of Cheez Whiz (I use the kind that has salsa in it)

Melt together and serve with  tortilla chips.

The crock-pot recipe I always use calls for :
  1 lb ground beef, browned
  1 lb Velveeta cheese
  I 15 oz can Hormel chili, no beans
combine, heat until cheese melts and keep warm.
Serve with taco chips.

I am sure by now you have gotten the one of a pound of Velveeta Cheese
and a jar of salsa.  Heat until the cheese melts and stir in the

2 lb Velveta
l lb sausage cooked & crumbled
as much salsa as you prefer (I don't like any, my kids like about 1/2
jar of mild...all in your personal preferences)
enough milk to make the proper consistancy (usually @ 1/4-1/2 cup)
Put it all in the crock pot, let it melt for a couple hours, stir. Keep
on very LOW temp or it gets all crusty.

2 cans of Hormel Chili with no beans
8 oz. cream cheese
16 oz. shredded cheddar

Melt in crock pot.  Stir.  Serve hot with nacho chips or put on
hot dogs, etc.

Here's a great one that we love.  We call it Rotel dip.
1 large box of Velveeta
1 large package of grated Colby/Jack cheese
1can of Rotel tomatoes
1 small jar of Old El Paso medium thick and chunky salsa
1 pound ground meat
1 package of Taco seasoning

Brown and drain meat and prepare with seasoning as directed.  Cut block
cheese in cubes.  Place in a large bowl with grated cheese and microwave

at medium power for a few minutes to get the cheese starting to melt.
Turn crockpot on to high.  Place cheese in crockpot.  Stir as it melts.
Add tomatoes and salsa.  Heat through.  Stir in meat mixture.  Set
temperature to low.  Serve with white corn chips.  (You can also use
chopped up
tamales instead of taco meat.)

Empty one or two jars of salsa (mild or hot, depending upon your taste)
into crock pot. Cut  1 to 2 pounds of Velveeta processed cheese into
chunks, add to pot. Heat on low. You can use any salsa and any process
cheese. To add a "homemade" look, add fresh cilantro at last minute and
fresh chunks of tomatoes.
Not a fancy recipe, but quick and easy. As a matter of fact, I believe
Velveeta even has a "Salsa" cheese with the salsa already in it.

This can also be made in microwave.

I make one that very simple
1 to 2 lb Ground beef or pork or turkey or a mixture
1 to 2 lb of velveta cheese or similar cheese
One jar 18+ oz salsa

Brown the ground meat
chunk the cheese
put all in crock pot and heat

Melt 1 pound of velveeta cheese and o can of Hormel chili without beans
and serve warm with taco chips.  Greta and Bev

A really, really simple one is to mix a two-pound block of Velveeta
Cheese and a can of Rotel tomatoes in the crockpot. Turn it on
low, let it melt and have chips handy.

I make nacho dip in a crockpot by combining 2 lbs of velveeta and a 16
jar of salsa.  It melts fairly quickly.  Sometimes you need to thin it
with milk added a little at a time.  You could also melt in microwave
then put in a pre-heated crock-pot to stay hot.

Here is our 2 ingredient recipe for a tasty hot dip for use with
tortilla chips:

        1 lb. Velveeta cheese, melted in a double boiler
        1 can (maybe 8-12 oz) tomatoes and jalapenos.  Perhaps your
local grocery store carries a different brand; I think ours is called
Old El Paso.
 Stir together in a double boiler.  It is nummy!

I usually put one can of the Rotel with a large Velveeta. If I use a
small Velveeta, I use only 1/2 can because it's a little hot
otherwise. Just a little hamburger...1/2 pound or so...according to
taste...Good luck! Judy

I make a dip that my teenager love, and it's easy and nutritious to
 I make it in giant quantities so I can feed large numbers of football
players whenever they drop in.
2 large cans of refried beans
1 package of Velveeta cheese
1 bottle of pace picante sauce ( 32 oz.?  about that size)
2 cups of cooked rice.  ( I make it in the microwave.  It's easy and
hamburger  if desired.
Extra jalapenpos if desired.
Microwave or heat in crockpot.
Stir a couple of times.

I just cube a brick of Velveeta and add a large jar of cheap salsa or
Ro-Tel tomatoes.  Add more salsa if it's too thick or add a little milk
or water.

I used to make this con queso dip a lot - usually made it in a pan &
kept warm in crock pot:
Melt:   1 lb. Velveeta (or more)
Stir in:   1 or 2 cans chopped green chiles (choose your heat)
         1 finely diced tomato
         1 diced sweet onion

Serve with tortilla chips.

      Mexican Cheese Dip

          1/2 pound Velveeta
          1 teaspoon Taco seasoning (optional)
          1/2 can Ro-Tel Tomatoes with chilies

     Cube cheese and place in crock pot. Cover and heat 30 to 60
     minutes, until melted, stirring occasionally. Stir in tomatoes and
     seasoning. Cover and continue heating 30 minutes.
     Serve with tortilla chips or corn chips.

Kris - I've used a recipe with Velveeta cheese and Ro-Tel tomatoes in a
crock pot.  I'm at school & don't have the recipe, but I think it can be

found on the Ro-Tel tomato can which you should be able to find in the
Mexican food section of your grocery store.  Hope this is helpful -

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