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Hi, LM_Netters!

In my role as the Director of the Read In! authors often tell me of resources
that they feel would be of benefit to teachers. I do not always repost them,
but this one is special. If you are going to be discussing the history of
Thanksgiving, especially with elementary age students, I suggest you bookmark
this page.

Guy Gilchrist is one of our newest Read In! authors. He drew The Muppets
cartoons for Jim Henson and currently draws the Nancy cartoons and his own
strip, "Mudpie". Guy is fun, treats the kids with dignity and intelligence,
and is a terrrific illustrator! Take a moment to visit this page, and I know
you won't be sorry...He has given us permission for teachers to reproduce
these strips, so print away!

(Mudpie and Punkin are cat brother and sister - Mudpie is 8 and Punkin is 6.
The comic is really cute and funny - Guy also uses it and the Night Lights &
Pillow Fights feature to educate kids when he can. Beginning November 22nd -
27th Guy is teaching the story of Thanksgiving in Mudpie.)


As always, keep reading! If you want to "meet" and chat with Guy, he will be
online live through our newest venture using Palace software, on November 10
at 1 PM ET.

This was not intended as a "plug" for that date (we recieve no compensation
nor charge a fee for any Read In! event)...Just thought some of you might
want to chat with him live! ;-) Visit www.readin.org if you are interested in
meeting Guy!

Jane ;-)
Jane Coffey
The Read In!

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