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TARGET:SEC: State/Countries books 10/06/99 Donna Luther
Target: (FREE) MD Author Visit 10/31/99 Judy Muskauski
TARGET library programs 11/01/99 Janet Wells
GEN: Isaac Asimov 11/01/99 Barbara Braxton
GEN: THANKS 11/01/99 Beth Pounds
Jackdaw bibliography 11/01/99 Claudia Mahlman
Re: Arranging books by grade 11/01/99 Grigsby, Susan
ELE: World Languages Curriculum 11/01/99 KAREN DEFRANK
GEN: Dr. Laura Sponsors 11/01/99 KAREN DEFRANK
HUMOR: Signs of the 90's 11/01/99 DONNA WALTERS
GEN.: FAME 11/01/99 Lynn. Mitchell
GEN: Thanksgiving Resource 11/01/99 Jane Coffey
Query: CA only 11/01/99 Lisa Von Drasek
Is anyone there? 11/01/99 Doris Renfro, Lib., So. Range Mid. Sch.
Revised copyright URLs 11/01/99 Claudia Mahlman
Re: MID: Harry Potter 11/01/99 GUNDRUM
Re: Target: Elem: Author Visits 11/01/99 GUNDRUM
HIT:SEC:Christian Book Reviews 11/01/99 Kristel Mayberry
Sonnet # 11/01/99 Pendleton Elementary
Great personalities on microfiche 11/01/99 Michele Missner
sec: online databases? 11/01/99 George Boyer
Anne Rice 11/01/99 St Onge, Jane
HIT: online library courses 11/01/99 Robert Hiebert
No Subject 11/01/99 No Author
Information Power citation 11/01/99 Ellen Fisher
Software called "Little Planet literary...." 11/01/99 Michele Missner
TARGET: Authors From Other Cultures 11/01/99 Harriet Rothstein
MID. SEC. Seeking book titles 11/01/99 Madrid-Waddington Central School
Target: SEC English 11/01/99 Marie Baker
GEN: Internet site access 11/01/99 Rayna Patton
GEN: Winnebago's FastCat vs. marcive.com? 11/01/99 Kathy Shaffer
Anybody out there? 11/01/99 Gustafson, Jean
ELEM: Have you read Santa's Twin? 11/01/99 locker
No Subject 11/01/99 Jan Trella
Problems with List? 11/01/99 Gail Grainger
Target: Davis school district, Bountiful UT only 11/01/99 Martie Mullenbach
Raffle/Morris's Disappearing Bag Cover Art 11/01/99 Jeanette Larson
no mail? 11/01/99 Lorna Hardin
TARGET: ADMIN: How Weed of the Month Club has been a help 11/01/99 J. Kimball
Re: Washington Post Article discussion 11/01/99 Michele Missner
HIT (sort of): Teacher Guides 11/01/99 Jody Newman
Gen: SRA/Corrective Reading 11/01/99 Jean Tennant
Great personalities microfiche 11/01/99 Michele Missner
Re: RE; Librarian Article/Washington Times 11/01/99 Endlich, Rebecca (OHE)
Teachers and Restricting Book Choices 11/01/99 Emily Smith
TARGET: Creating Library Newsletters 11/01/99 Pam Walker
Library Ghost? 11/01/99 Jinnie McDonnell
TARGET: POETRY WEBSITE 11/01/99 martha cruikshank
Re: MID: Harry Potter 11/01/99 Nadine Lipman
Re: TARGET: Authors From Other Cultures 11/01/99 Michele Missner
Re: Sonnet # 11/01/99 ~Meg~
Re: TARGET: POETRY WEBSITE 11/01/99 Michele Missner
GEN: LM_NET Down? NOT! 11/01/99 Peter Milbury
Re: Teachers and Restricting Book Choices 11/01/99 Audrey Glick
TARGET:LA, CA:PERSONAL:DR 11/01/99 Kris Waymire
Re: Target: Davis school district, Bountiful UT only 11/01/99 Audrey Glick
Oct. 29 Channel One 11/01/99 Frank & Carol Bandre
Poetry site Michele/Martha 11/01/99 Sharron L. McElmeel
GEN: Subject Index - remember this one? 11/02/99 Carol Wheat
Elem: Request for E-pals in Australia 11/02/99 Maria Fox-Meehan
IT Outlook Express 11/02/99 Margaret Cunnama
Re: Washington Times article 11/02/99 Holly Wolf
Jackdaw bibliography 11/02/99 Claudia Mahlman
November 99 Weed of the Month 11/02/99 Carol McWilliams
REF: Endangered Species 11/02/99 Bill and Sandra Whited
ELEM: hilarious costume for next year 11/02/99 Webb, Jill
Great personalities microfiche. 11/02/99 Barber
Re: Washington Post Article discussion 11/02/99 Roe,Kevin
Ref; Dictionary? What type? 11/02/99 McIntosh Academy Media Center
GEN: -gry 11/02/99 Laura Pearle
Re: MID: Harry Potter 11/02/99 GUNDRUM
Gen: Form for parental permission for AV usage 11/02/99 McIntosh Academy Media Center
HIT: GEN: Subject Index - remember this one? 11/02/99 Carol Wheat
Easy Books 11/02/99 Yvonne Krishnan
GEN->MS Book-Great 11/02/99 Saranne Gans
Re: Restricting Children's Library Reading 11/02/99 Sandy Pomerantz
HELP!! - P-touch stopped printing! 11/02/99 Frederick Muller
Saturday Morning Reading Program 11/02/99 Patricia Donovan
To purchase or not purchase print encyclopedias 11/02/99 Ann Watson ROB
Summer Reading Lists How? 11/02/99 Barbara Wall
Copies of Channel One 11/02/99 Robert Whittenburg
Re: Target: Illustrators Who Hide Items 11/02/99 GUNDRUM
HIT: McREL citation in Information Power 11/02/99 Ellen Fisher
Age of High School Book Collections 11/02/99 Barbara Wall
HIT: TV-Computer converters 11/02/99 Joan Eimas
TARGET: Accelerated Reader 11/02/99 Suby Wallace
Re: Age of High School Book Collections 11/02/99 Angus Saunders
Teachers & Computers 11/02/99 Rubaiyat
Re: Jackdaw bibliography 11/02/99 Barber
TARGET: citing primary sources 11/02/99 Kathleen Bowman
HIT: ELEM: Children's Book Week Ideas 11/02/99 Dianne Gibbons
who's who american hs students- who's who american hs 11/02/99 nancy lindsay
GEN: TECH: Authentication (IP or password) of Web databases] 11/02/99 Dick Trzicky
Anne Rice Response 11/02/99 St Onge, Jane
REF:Looking for 1975 jackdaw 11/02/99 Sharon Hamer
GEN: Title Query - Chapter Book 11/02/99 Stacy Brand
need short story title, high school 11/02/99 Jan Hylen
HIT: Copyright Information 11/02/99 Caty Micklewright
Found short story title 11/02/99 Jan Hylen
Hoop Dreams.Author(s)? 11/02/99 Henry Yeager

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