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My thanks to all who responded with information about the AVerkey and =
TView converters.
The models I specifically asked about were the AVerkey Imicro PC/MAC-to-TV =
converter  and  Focus Enhancements TView micro. Not all of the replies =
referred to those models in particular, but I got an overall sense of what =
is in use out there in Media land, and probable quality of the equipment.

I was asked by several folks for a hit, so here is the information I =
We opened a new H.S. this fall and have a number of the AVerKey iMicro =
units. We have been very pleased with their ease of set up and performance.=
 We use them with TV's and video projectors, and I have successfully =
recorded PowerPoint presentations to video tape. We would definitely =
consider the 300 Gold or 500 Pro models with remote control if we were =
purchasing now. All three models have the zoom & pan feature, which is =

More and more of our students are using PowerPoint for class reports and =
projects, and we have several computer labs with video projectors. The =
only compliant I have regarding the unit is that it does not have an =
on/off switch.
I purchased the AverKey a couple of years ago and have been very=20
satisfied with it.  I have had some problems with the TV display=20
where it looks as though part of the toolbars in Windows is cut off,=20
but I attribute that to the television and not the convertor.
I've used the AVerkey for three years now with no problems.
It does zoom.
They are two different types of converters.  I recommend the AverKey to
my science and art teachers because it has the ability to really zoom
in.  The TView zooms in, but not as well.  It does, however, have a
marker that is available on screen in three widths, three colors, as a
highlighter, can go just vertically or horizontally or can be used to
draw circles, write, etc.  The marker on the AverKey doesn't have that
capability.  Therefore, I have both formats.  The TView I recommend to
my language arts, technology and social studies teachers.  I would
recommend getting one of each.  If your teachers get the hang of using
them, you will need a lot more of them, though!  Hope this helps.
We have the AVerKey 3+ and AVerKey 300 Gold. The resolution on the
monitor isn't spectacular, but they do an adequate job. Graphics display
better than text.  The zoom feature is nice--I use it when teaching our =
catalog or internet--e.g., to zoom in on the URL.  For under $300.00 it's =
nice alternative to the pricey projectors.
 I purchased an AverKey3 years ago. I use it, but the definition of my =
is so poor that I regret not purchasing a better version of AverKey. Mine
has a zoom, but it isn't always smooth and I scroll a great deal. Still it
works and sets up in less than 3 minutes now.
We have several of the Averkey3 scan converters and
are well pleased with them.  They do have zoom
capabilities.  I am not familiar with the other brand.
We have been using Averkeys on macs for the last seleveral years and have
ben very satisfied. The zoom is a handy and necessay feature as far as I =
concerned. We are thinking of upgrading to iMacs next year and we hear the
Averkey hookup to the back of the computer is not compatible with the usb =
the iMac. So we will have to buy different ones.=20
I recommend you get the very best resolution you can get.  It doesn't do
much good to convert the image if it can't easily be read on the TV
screen.  We have a low end TVView and I wish we had invested in the more
expensive model.
I have the AverKey3 Plus.  It does have the zoom capability, and does a =
I purchased one AverKey 3 Plus in 1998 and have been pleased with that
particular one.  It was not the top-of-the-line model.  The more expensive
models of AverKey at that time had the zoom feature.
My science people, and my tech person, use Averkey exclusively.  Make sure
you purchase the best one for the needs (a former science teacher did not
and there have been problems until I let them have mine).

Again, my thanks to all who responded. The wealth of experience and =
knowledge out there is incredible!!

Joan Eimas, Media Specialist
West Branch High School
West Branch, IA 52358

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