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I have been asked to do a workshop for another school district regarding
Accelerated Reader.  As this is the first year we've had it in our building,
and only a few of the teachers are using it, I'd appreciate any pointers you
could give me.  I'm being asked to do this workshop because one of the
teachers is a former student of mine, and she wants me to also talk about
getting kids interested in reading, etc., not because I am an expert on
Accelerated Reader!!

Do you have any suggestions for them based on your school's experience?
Ways to motivate kids to read?  Ways to get them to read other books than
AR?  (My kids all run around looking for those orange dots.  I told them
they could have 2 books only if one is NOT an AR.)

Do you have special programs that emphasize AR?  Do you do school-wide
rewards?  I'm really interested in rewards other than prizes that cost

I know there are lots of you out there who do AR, and if you could spare a
couple of minutes to send me some thoughts, I'd really appreciate it.  I
could post a hit, if I get anything other than requests for posting a hit!

Thanks, everybody!!

Suby Wallace
Nettleton Intermediate Center (grades 5-6)
3801 Vera
Jonesboro, AR  72401

870-910-7809     870-910-7811 (fax)

see our website at http://nic.crsc.k12.ar.us
See our ThinkQuest, Jr.. winning site on the  Dewey Decimal System at:

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