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Thank you to all those people who resFrom: MH <franglais@MINDSPRING.COM>
ooks about the US or Canada suitable for 5 - 11 year olds.  Here is the
list of suggestions.

North America - True book series - Children's Press
Canada - Bridgestone Press
Children's Press has a series on the individual states geared to grades 4-6
but it has not been updated recently
Capstone Press has two series on individual states - grade 2-3 3-5
Grolier has a reference set on Colonial American history and one on

America the Beautiful series from Children's Press in Chicago.

The Canadian series to which I referred is "Hello Canada" by Lerner which
also publishes the series
"Hello USA"  They can be reached on-line at:  http://www.lernerbooks.com>

The other series I like for US books is from Capstone Press.  It is called
"One Nation"  They can be reached
at <http://www.capstone-press.com>

I really like the Children's Press publications.  The set available for your
age group is titled "From Sea to Shining Sea."  There are 52 books (set ISBN
0-516-03800-1, set price $1,033.50; individual title price $19.87) Each book
has 64 pages and full color photographs, suitable grades 3-5.  Set includes
one book for each state plus
Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia.

All About Series:  All About  .... Provinces and Territories from Reidmore
Books 1 800 661 2859  They have a web site at www.reidmore.com They cost me
about $80 Canadian for the set. There is a book for each province and other
series on Canada as well.  They are paper back and not very large, but the
children seem to like them and they are suitable for a wide range.

I am now working my way thru websites, requesting catalogues if there is an
Australian distributor and negotiating with the principal about how we can
order things online.  He sees the value, time-saving, and good sense, but
there is education system red tape that has to be untangled first.

If you have any further suggestions I would be glad to have them


Barbara Braxton
Teacher Librarian
Palmerston District Primary School

T. 02 6205 6162
F. 02 6205 7242
E. barbara@dynamite.com.au
W. http://www.palmdps.act.edu.au
"Together, we learn from each other."

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