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   Hi, this is Lisa Von Drasek.  I have been asked to be part of  of a =
panel discussion at a national meeting for children's booksellers. The =
general topic is the partnership of libraries and bookstores.  I would =
like to Target-  Do School Media Centers purchase materials from bookstores=
 and how.  I'd like to find out how others on LM-NET are buying books from =
bookstores.  Please take a moment to respond to these questions.  If your =
library has never purchased a book for the collection from a bookstore I =
would like to know that too.  If people will respond to me, I'll compile =
your responses and post A HIT-> on the topic back to the entire LM_NET.

Why choose a bookstore instead of a jobber?
What procedures such as purchase orders does the School Media Center need =
for the bookstore to accommodate them? Is the manager of the bookstore =
aware of school's curriculum and notifies the librarian about appropriate =
books on those topics? Does the school receive a discount from the =
bookstore? What percentage? What are the advantages buying from bookstores?=
  The disadvantages? Has a bookstore managed a book fair at your school? =
Does the school receive any percent of the sales? How much? Can you give a =
rough estimate of what percentage of your yearly materials budget would go =
to a bookstore?  Does the School Media Center buy from bookstores =
consistently or only in an emergency. Something in-between?
Does the  school media center purchase from local independent bookstores =
or national chain bookstores or on-line bookstore?  Any suggestions for =
the booksellers on how to make it easy and convenient for School Media =
Centers to purchase books from them? Do you have anything else to add on =
this topic?

Thank you for your time.  Lisa

Lisa Von Drasek
Children's Librarian
Bank Street College of Education
610 West 112th St
NY  NY   10025


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