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On Thu, 3 Feb 2000, Cynthia F. Smith wrote:

> of this.  Growing up, my grandfather was a huge fan of this "sport".  He
> would truly get disturbed if anyone mentioned that they faked these
> matches.  I begin to wonder how many people are believers and how many
> recognize that WWF is just entertainment not "real".

My middle school daughter assures me that a number of her
friends "believe" in wrestling. They're the same ones who
thought the Blair Witch movie was real too.

And if that's a concern, then this issue of Newsweek would be a good one
to have around. Articles explore issues such as McMahon's rise as a
businessman, the "sport's" influence on children and youth, and how wrestlers
are trainined to be "cartoon" figures. I knew, of course, it was all
pretend so to speak, but I didn't know they actually had schools where
WWF-wannabes went to learn how to act they way they do!

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   things which get you. And all you can do is to go
   where they can find you."

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