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A friend of mine attended an Alexandria library automation training session
last month. According to the notes she took, the rep strongly recommended
that new users who are starting with Version 5 (she'll be using the
Macintosh platform) purchase enough "dumb" barcodes from Alexandria not
only for the retrospective conversion, but for ALL new books they plan to
buy in the near future, to be assured that the barcodes will work with the

He seemed to indicate that they NOT purchase data discs and barcodes from
vendors, but to use the MARC cataloging discs available by subscription
from Brodart or other companies, and do all the cataloging "in-house."

I attended the same presentation but arrived about half-way through, so I
didn't hear him say this. While I was there, he demonstrated how to
download MARC records via Internet sources, and did mention purchasing data
discs from vendors.

If any of you have started with Version 5 for Mac (is it actually available
yet?) or if you can confirm or clarify the situation for me, I would
greatly appreciate it.

If we have an Alexandria Rep monitoring this listserv, please feel free to
contact me at this email address only: shatz@lightside.com

Thank you!

Joanne Ladewig
Information Center Director
Fairgrove Academy - a K-8 public school focusing on
   the Visual and Performing Arts, and Technology
La Puente, CA
or:  shatz@lightside.com

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