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I am confident the word used fulfilled the intent of the author.  It brought
attention to the message.  In any good communications class the author would
have been told that when competing with 100 or so other messages posted
daily that something should be done to get readers' attention.  Its called
"Marketing."  Is that why book jackets are so colorful, to attract

I tried to find the word in the "Offensive Words" section of my Webster's
but failed.  I did find the word but it was not labeled as "offensive" nor
as "unprofessional." Then I realized that maybe it could only be found in
the "Censor's" edition.  Then I thought "Surely not, it's not a four letter

I kept looking and found the word in my 21st Century Dictionary of Slang
defined as "Teen and College: To be bad."  Also on that page were "suck up,"
"sudden death," "sue someone's pants off," "suicide squad," sunbelt," "sure
thing." and "surviving spouse."

Maybe the author utilized a slang word commonly used and understood by
younger persons.  Was that the true error?

What would George Carlin have to say about this artificial controversy?

Jim Neal

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The object of teaching a child is to enable the child to get along without
the teacher. Anon.
We need to educate our children for their future, not our past.  Arthur C.

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