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A listserv member posted a query today about books by Lemony Snicket. I have
read  two books in his series " A Series Of Unfortunate Events".  They are
The Bad Beginning and The Reptile Room.  I liked them very much because they
are tongue-in-cheek horror.  I have just begun loaning them out to students
and am anxious to see their reactions.  Bad Beginning was on Scholastic's
book fair videotape and my 5th and 6th grade students were delightedly
gushing "Ewww...gross...!!!" at the villain's ankle tatoo of an eye.  For
some reason, that really caught their attention.  The main characters are
the three Baudelaire children who have been orphaned by a "terrible house
fire" (as if there were any other kind...). They stand to inherit a fortune
but are constantly being threatened by the villain who disdains them and
wants those big bucks.  The Reptile Room has
d--n in it, but other than that I don't recall any strong language.  I think
they are clever books and Reptile Room is especially amusing at times. If
you don't go into them expecting Harry Potter I don't think you will be
disappointed.  They are, again, clever, not brilliant, in my opinion.  I am
anxious to read others' opinions of them--and anxious to read the next book
in the series!
Julia Steger, Librarian, Clifton Forge Elem E&W, Clifton Forge VA

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