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TARGET: SEC: Fiction vs non-fiction stats 11/06/00 Ginnie Genovese
JOBS: Soledad, CA. 11/06/00 Gayle Hodur
TARGET: Video for Internet Fraud 11/06/00 Shonda L Brisco/lib/Okstate
HIT: Interactive CD's for grade 9 science 11/06/00 Kathy Thomson
Ref: SAT Exams 11/06/00 janet
CH. LIT: Lemony Snicket 11/06/00 Barbara Braxton
TAR: Looking for a Poem 11/06/00 Kathy Thomson
HIT: Remembrance Day Poem 11/06/00 Kathy Thomson
Re: Target: "nun" book 11/06/00 Edith Fuller
SEC. - Gen 11/06/00 Jim Neal
BOOK: Stargirl by Spinelli 11/06/00 Frederick Muller
Faithful Elephants 11/06/00 Dolan
REF: source for monologues: Lucas "Key Exchange", Kurdy "C 11/06/00 Terry Guenther
Hit: "nun" book 11/06/00 Margarette Lippert
Re: Librarians Sedentary! Appearances are Deceiving! 11/06/00 Elizabeth Bentley
Re: TARGET: Hi-HI 11/06/00 Elizabeth Bentley
Re: Copyright Info ASAP 11/06/00 maureen aube
Amber Spyglass - Chapter headings 11/06/00 Elizabeth Bentley
Middle - Give the boy a gun 11/06/00 Joan Chase
GEN: Lemony Snicket 11/06/00 Julia Steger
JOB: New York (elementary) 11/06/00 Pat Dalpiaz
Re: Librarians Sedentary! Appearances are Deceiving! 11/06/00 Jennifer L. Kaysak
Elem. Gen.: Poem about Veteran's Day 11/06/00 Anna Guillen
Re: Elem: "ghosts" books needed 11/06/00 Irwin - Maureen S.
Re: GEN: Lemony Snicket 11/06/00 Barb Engvall
TARGET: 19th century bandboxes anyone? 11/06/00 Deb or Jim Dalton
NY only: long term sub position 11/06/00 Vanessa M. Zoll
JOB: NY 11/06/00 Vanessa M. Zoll
HIT: short stories for The Outsiders 11/06/00 Sarah Conover
TARGET: Spanish language CD-ROM encyclopedia for macs 11/06/00 Steven Crandell
target: CA only-permanent student records 11/07/00 Susan Fulmer
HIT: Mannequins 11/07/00 TAYLOR, SUE
HIT: "Open" concept library 11/07/00 library lady
AR and Parent involvement 11/07/00 Teresa A. Schultz
ELEM: Dictionary Decisions 11/07/00 Debbie Gouldin
TARGET: Best machine for projecting computer screen 11/07/00 Bev.Nelson
ELEM: Selecting Materials for K-5 11/07/00 Patricia Seeger
GEN: Posting for LMNet (fwd) for Dan Callison 11/07/00 Peter Milbury
Gen: Woman Native American author 11/07/00 Betty Lou Jordan
re Lemony Snicket 11/07/00 Sharon Cataldo
Ch. LIT : HIT "Lemony Snicket" (long) 11/07/00 Barbara Braxton
HIT, GEN: Play resources 11/07/00 Penny McAllister
AUP and COPPA 11/07/00 Cheryl Nielsen
GEN: N.H. courts allows turn over of Internet logs 11/07/00 Nancy Keane
TARGET: Fiction for boys, gr 3-4-5 11/07/00 Suby Wallace
Re: GEN: N.H. courts allows turn over of Internet logs 11/07/00 David Lininger
ELEM->Is there a sequel to Paterson's Bridge to Terabithia? 11/07/00 Melinda Miller-Widrick
GEN: Internet Laws & Elections 11/07/00 Richard R. Shook
No Subject 11/07/00 Mitzie Cannon
Hit: Lemony Snicket 11/07/00 Carolyn I. Gundrum
Target:Opposing Viewpoints Series 11/07/00 Emily Graham
need "READ" classroom magazine subscription information 11/07/00 Walkup, Linda
Public access to internet logs 11/07/00 Chris Finer
SEC: Books on Literary Criticism (schools of theory) 11/07/00 Carolyn Gierke
ADMIN: CA ONLY: Use of state money 11/07/00 Doyle_Tony
GEN: Magazine for 7th grade girl 11/07/00 George Anne Draper
TECH: Information about Zap Me 11/07/00 George Anne Draper
REF: Newsletter for Grant Info? 11/07/00 Kay Goss
Re: GEN: N.H. courts allows turn over of Internet logs 11/07/00 Dan Robinson Indexing Services
your recommendations for software 11/07/00 Cornfield Ann
Reply: Unusual place names - Zigzag 11/07/00 Garry Jantzen (Marshfield)
GEN:Thanksgiving Cut-Out Story 11/07/00 Rachel Woodyer
HIT:Opposing Viewpoints series 11/07/00 Emily Graham
GEN: Research Guide 11/07/00 Joyce Valenza
GEN: Public access to internet logs 11/07/00 Pat Dalpiaz
REF: Alcohol and Election Day 11/07/00 Lyle, Nancy
FW: SEC: Films featuring Asian roles 11/07/00 Lewis, Mary Stewart
hit: an Anderson 11/07/00 Carla Burmeister
Share : Favorite Book Character voting 11/07/00 Joanne Proctor
TARGET: Video 11/07/00 Betty Klein
REF: Population in 1670 11/07/00 Kendall McCurdy
GEN: Lemony Snicket Reading Level 11/07/00 Diane VanGorden
Hit Middle give the boy a Gun 11/07/00 Joan Chase
Re: General: Are School Librarians Sedentary? 11/07/00 Diane H
iBooks 11/07/00 Sharon Johnson
tech et al 11/07/00 Bonnie Keyser
SEC: College Rankings Website 11/07/00 Tish Carpinelli
ELEM: Picture book title from 1940s? 11/07/00 Suzanne Weinheimer
K-8: Globe Replacement 11/07/00 Camille Atkins
Re: Timeline software for 4th grade 11/07/00 Clark, Molly
Re: Share : Favorite Book Character voting 11/07/00 Anna Russell
Re: ADMIN: CA ONLY: Use of state money 11/07/00 Susan Martimo Choi
Fw: Robert Cormier 11/07/00 W & S Koontz
REF: arts test 11/07/00 Darlene A Yasick
Target: Elem: TVs/VCR usage 11/07/00 Jane Kantor
looking for science titles 11/08/00 Helen Dittmer
Information Literacy Policy 11/08/00 Anneli Silvennoinen
GEN: Computers in school libraries 11/08/00 Carol Fisher
HIT: Timeline software for 4th grade 11/08/00 Carol H
ibook problem 11/08/00 Suzanne Williams
Target: Article needed 11/08/00 Carol M
ELEM: Book Groups 11/08/00 Sue Marley
SASI/Dynix Scholar users 11/08/00 Sue Johnston
English Project 11/08/00 Denise Mattson
TARGET: professional development materials 11/08/00 OH_ACA_RRO
CAT: MOLE CONCEPT 11/08/00 Joan Dyer-Westacott
"We Didn't Start the Fire" video 11/08/00 Ruth Hanks
Re: SEC: Films featuring Asian roles 11/08/00 Elizabeth Bain
SEC: Pages Missing from TCLC 11/08/00 Kathy Carragher
Hit: web evaluation 11/08/00 Mary Evelyn

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