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I want to thank all of you who responded to my question of whether
it would be legal for me to purchase a poster of Britney Spears, scan a
jacket of a book (I was thinking of either a classic or her own recent title,
"A Mother's Gift"), glue the jacket to the poster (as if she were holding
it), and create a sign I would hang over the poster saying, "Oops, I Read It

I received about 50 emails from people who thought the idea was cute.  I
received eight addressing the problem.

Three told me I was altering the image so it would be illegal.

Two told me it would come under the parody exemption.

One suggested I write Spears and ask permission.   But it occurs to me that
she may not actually own the image, so that is sticky too.

Two told me that as I was legally buying the poster, and not selling or
otherwise making a profit from what I do with it, it is okay to do what i

But, I've now had a better idea.  I'm thinking of buying a bunch of rock
posters, hanging them around my YA area, and posting the library rules under
them (one rule under each poster).

Can you imagine a poster of Eminem  with "Stay cool, don't be a fool; don't
get loud & rowdy in the library!" under it?

Mandy Moore with "Food & Drink in the library--even Candy--is not allowed"
(one of her hits was named Candy).

I'm still trying to match the following rules with a "spokesman."

No card playing or other games is allowed in the library,
Please leave the furniture where it is.
Show respect for the library and its materials.

Heck, I have a right to post rules in my library, right?  I am not changing
or altering the posters in any way.

Dawn Sardes
YA Librarian, Euclid Public Library

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