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on 3/3/02 11:12 AM, Ken Murphy at chrisken@MCHSI.COM wrote:

> Oh Wise LM_NET Friends,
> I need your help in gathering research data about school districts and
> computer platforms supported.  Our District (10,000 students) is pushing
> to go to one computer platform only (Windows), even though most of the
> elementary schools and half of the middle and high schools are using
> Macs.  I believe this is in an effort to reduce our TCO (Total Cost of
> Ownership), plus the fact that our experienced Mac technician is about
> to retire.  As a Mac fan, you won't have to convince me about the
> virtues of Macs; rather, I hope some of you can point me to recent
> research data or unbiased articles on this topic.  If you can do that,
> could you please email me the information directly?

Just happened upon a HUGE web site with reasons to go Mac instead of
Windows.  It should also help you in your quest to prove that the Mac
platform should not be abandoned.  Total Cost of Ownership is addressed in
great detail and the Macintosh comes out way ahead.  Maybe you could scout
out some possible replacements for the Mac techie.  The web site is not
unbiased, although the research cited is unbiased and even includes some
from PC side publications that ends up favoring Mac.

I am posting it to the whole list because in there are also some good
suggestions for those of us responsible for our Macintosh networks for
keeping the Macs happy with the least amount of effort.

As a Mac school for years, we have just gone double platform, (with me
kicking and screaming all the way) and we are finding nothing better and
lots of things worse with the double platform.

Good luck with yours.

Gail Smith, Librarian and Tech Coordinator
Edison Regional Gifted Center
Chicago, Illinois

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