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>However, that means I often get private responses to
>questions that I never asked, but had attempted to answer.
>That doesn't help the original poser of the question.

 Grace Anne - that happens because some people may not always pay careful
attention to the reply to address. They just hit reply, and since you
sent the email, your name and email appear in the send to portion of the
email.. Happens at least once or twice every time I reply to the list.
People may not realize that when you are quoting the original person,
(like I did above), it often has special characters or text color to
indicate you are quoting someone else. When I quuote you, the first level
of quotes comes in blue, the next level (if you copy and send back to me,
what I said you quoted) it comes in green, etc.

Please no flames, I'm just trying to explain why it happens. I try to
locate the original poster, but I've often already deleted their original
question; therefore I reply to the person that sent me the email, tell
them that I was not the original sender and suggest they contact them
directly, or post to the list.

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