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In less than an hour, I have received numerous replies, and have complied a
Many thanks to all Goddesses and Gods of Information! Have a great day!

I searched under March Madness history and found this: the original "March
This site tells how it came to be associated with college basketball:
Toni Koontz, Library Media Specialist
St. Charles Preparatory School
Columbus, OH
Carpe Diem

from the Stumpers archives:
This is an interesting bit of sports history:
It apparently started with High school basketball in Illinois.
The Stumpers archives are accessible from <>,
but they're on a gopher, and some people's systems won't recognize it.
Dan Robinson
HW Wilson Company
Bronx, NY

Try this link:
I did a google search and typed in history of march madness
Sarah Hutchens
Piney Grove Middle School
3415 Piney Grove Church Road
Lawsonville, NC 27022

The Origin of the Term "March Madness"
"March Madness," the term used to describe the excitement surrounding the
Illinois state high school basketball tournaments, first appeared in print
almost sixty years ago. It was coined by Henry V. Porter, who started his
career as a teacher and coach at Athens High School in central Illinois. In
1924, Porter led the Athens boys basketball team to a second-place finish in
the state tournament. He later served as assistant executive secretary of
the Illinois High School Athletic Association (from 1929 to 1940) and
executive secretary of the National Federation of State High School
Associations (from 1940 to 1958).
Porter, who edited the IHSA's journal, coined "March Madness" in an essay
that appeared in the Illinois High School Athlete in March of 1939. Soon
thereafter the nation was plunged into World War II. The drama of March
Madness provided a unifying force that brought the entire state together,
and Porter again commemorated the event, this time with a poem,"Basketball
Ides of March," which appeared in the Illinois Interscholastic in March of
Jan Pember
Ozen HS
Beaumont, Tx

March Madness is an NCAA marketing term. Registered Mark and everything. It
was not, sorry to say, an organic thing, though some say that Dick
Vitale(Dickie V) originally coined it during one of his traditionally
hyperbolic pre-game broadcasts: "It's March Madness, baby!" But that's
merely an unofficial rumor.
Sharon, who worked in college athletics for *years*

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