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In Dorothy E Tissair's email
>In a school of 750 kids,
> I am not going to grade papers and record grades for every kid every week
> in order to calculate a quarterly grade for each kid.  Particularly when I
> get no more "prep time" without assigned classes than does the classroom
> teacher and I have a library to run.  As my night custodians observed, I
> already doing two jobs for the price of one.

I see over 1150 students a week in 2 schools.  I am required to give grades.
And to show how I arrived at the grades.  I have had to parents complain
about my grading system, but the teachers are complaining.  All students get
a Satisfactory grade if:  1--They try their best and ask for help when
needed.  2--Participate.  3--Do not disrupt others or myself. The teachers
are upset that the papers are corrected within the 20 minute class time.
They are also upset that I give no exceptional grades or unsatisfactory
grades.  The only students that receive Do Not Meet grades are the ones who
either are "zombie" while in the class or the students who repeatedly get
time out for disruptions.  I can do 2 school's grades in the 1 day of
teacher prep given for grades in this system.  I have informed the teachers
that if they are not happy, then they can give up some of their prep time to
come and do administration work in the library.  So that I can have time to
work on grading.

I haven't had any takers yet.

JaKay Greer, Teacher-Librarian
Powell Valley Elementary K-5
Kelly Creek Elementary K-5
Gresham, OR

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