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I was the one who posted the question that started this discussion, and I
would like to add to it.

First I would like to thank the people that gave me advice to my question
and those that backed me up.  I should of provided more information in my
original post, I honestly did not think about it.  I am not a student trying
to get someone else to do my work.  I already have my Bachelolr's in Library
Science and I am a certified library media specialist.  Since I do not live
close to any library school  I am going to take all of my classes online
through the Univ. of S. Mississippi.  This is my first class and I am trying
very hard to do well.  I have found that taking an online class and being so
far away from the university makes me feel somewhat isolated.  Also, I do
not live close to a large city or large public library where it would be
easy for me to go with questions.  Even though I have the next month and a
half off to devote to my class, I have numerous other responsibilities as
well that takes up a lot of time.  I have done an extensive search myself
before I posted my question.  I have read through all of ALA's pages and
used numerous databases and other resources as well.  I have found cases
that I can use, but I thought that I might be able to find another place to
look that I had not thought of yet.  I know that LM_Net is a wonderful
resource and I was hoping to get some advice and help only, not have all the
work done for me as was implied.  Thank you.

Kathy Cool. Librarian
Ressie Jeffries Elem. School
Front Royal, Va

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