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I just have to respond to all the Follett v. B&T posts.  Neither has been a
great success with me, but I recently changed from Follett to B&T because
Follett was the worse of the two.

First they lost nine of eleven boxes shipped last summer.  This is on top
of the many instances when they "forgot" to pack volumes from multiple
volume sets (eg., Masterplots, where we received 1,3,4, 5, 9 and not the
others, yet they appeared on the packing slip).  The final straw was their
denying that they had received duplicate payment for our summer order
despite our having a cancelled check.

After that, B&T's errors (not giving me the code to download our MARC
records or neglecting to put spine labels on one or two books) are not an

Laura Pearle
Head Librarian
Gladys Brooks Library
Professional Children's School

"There's no such thing as knowledge management; there are only
knowledgeable people. Information only becomes knowledge in the hands of
someone who knows what to do with it." - Peter Drucker (Quoted in Industry
Week, Jan. 24, 2000)

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