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This HIT  (as well as a recent post about a teacher b building up a
personal p library and then leaving the district) made me think -
Although I haven't charged teachers in the past , we seem to have two
categories of lost items -

1) teacher checks out 10-15 books for her/his classroom on a
topic/theme/holiday, etc for her to teach with and for students to use
during the month/semester - In my school this is more the situation.
These books sometimes accidentally go home with the kid - i.e. they are
reading them at their desks, and get taken home by the child not
remembering the book is not THEIR library book. Book gets lost.  I
don't charge the teacher, because almost always, the book turns up when
the kid returns their own library books, or the teacher cleans the
classroom, etc. However, without my asking them to, some 5th grade
teachers , charge the kids, for books checked out under a teachers name
- then they pass along the money to me (they are trying to prepare them
for the MS)

2) We have a growing professional collection - mostly Scholastic
paperback books - Holiday activities, Math reproducibles, Report card
comments, craft activity ideas,. These are shelved in a separate
section to which students do not have real access. Teachers who check
these books to tend to want/use them for a semester or longer.
Obviously these are not student-used books. I hope these turn up, but
if a teacher asks for something that someone has checked out - I will
usually tell them, so-and-so has it checked out.  depending on how bad
things get, I may ask for payment, or may tell the teachers I will not
be replacing lost professional items, unless the borrower had paid to
have it replaced.

  Perhaps this year, I'll make a count of books lost by teachers in the
past 5 years with costs, and just show our principal, see how she wants
to handle it.
Suzanne Ng, Librarian
South Mountain Elem. School
South Orange, NJ 07079

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