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Last week the state monitors came thru our district. Before them came the
fire marshall. We were told we can't pass the state monitors if we don't
pass the fire marshall's inspection.

The fire code says nothing is to be hung from ceilings or overhead lights,
nothing may sit on a shelf within 24 inches of a ceiling, and no extension
cords can be used as a permanent way of plugging something in.

It also says no paper can be hung on any wall, chalkboard, window or piece
of furniture. Paper may only be hung on a bulletin board with a wood or
metal frame. Violations of the code will result in a $5000 per day fine.

We have been told to throw away hundreds of dollars worth of paper that was
decorating our schools. Art projects and writing samples made by the
children that were on display were bundled up and sent home. The photos of
my 120 kids who read 100 books each were removed from the wall in my
library. It's hard to believe they would be more flammable on the cinder
block wall than if they were on the regulation bulletin board.

The schools look bare and dismal. This did not happen to this extent when we
were monitored previously. No one in our building has heard of any school
having to follow such strict rules about paper being hung on the walls and
windows. Our building is only ten years old, and is well equipped with
sprinklers, as are the other older schools in the district. When the staff
has questioned the administration we are told the fire code must be
followed. We know it is important to be safe but the extent of this seems

The story made the front page of the Gloucester County Times on March 7, and
an editorial about it in the same paper today.

Does your district follow such strict fire code rules?

Karen DeFrank, LMS
Bullock School
Glassboro, NJ

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