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Dear LM_NET Colleagues,

It is good to have spirited discussions, however, I would like to
recommend that we all keep in mind that it is good to leave "space" for
others to post. If you have already posted on a topic recently, please
consider that others may be reluctant to post if someone has already
posted to the topic.

I don't intend to stifle free expression, but rather encourage those who
might be reluctant to post to do so.

Please remember that we have over 17,000 members, and some messages might
best be sent only to the person originating the thread-- NOT through the

Here are some related guidelines from our LM_NET Netiquette:

   Never post a message to the group which would not be of interest to
   thousands of people. It is considered wasteful of the time of list
   members to be pestered with meaningless (to them) messages which are
   of value only to a small number of people. LM_NET is NOT a newsgroup,
   where people reply to each other routinely posting to the group.

   When replying to an LM_NET message, please do *not* include the entire
   message quoted. Paraphrasing or quoting selectively are both kinder to
   people's eyes and e-mail boxes and it is also kinder to persons with
   CTS or tendonitis. Brevity saves money for those who are paying for
   their time online.

   Be extremely careful when replying to the sender of an LM_NET
   message. Many e-mail systems will automatically send your reply to
   the entire list of LM_NET members if you simply use a reply command.
   When an individual asks a question that you can answer, just send it
   to the individual who posted the original message to which you are
   responding. Imagine how it would feel to have a very "personal" or
   revealing message read by thousands of people!

Peter Milbury, LM_NET Co-Moderator
School Librarian/CA TeleMentor, Chico HS, Chico, CA

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