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My professional reading lately has been focused on wikis and blogs.  So
far I have not found much about their impact on schools.  Specifically,
I want to teach my students the skills they need to distinguish between
the "good , the bad and the ugly" when it comes to blogs and wikis.  I
have a good handle on the most prominent wiki - Wikkipedia.  But I need
more information on the following issues:

1.  How do schools use wiki software or blogs for collaborative projects
by students and teachers?  Do you know of any articles about success
stories?  Do you personally have some success stories to share?
2.  What issues need to be considered when deciding if a wiki-produced
reference is appropriate for research?  In other words- what should a
student look for to verify information - for example "about us" buttons
to determine who is "in charge" of the wiki, etc.
3.  Generally speaking, should a teacher accept a wiki reference source
from high school students at all?  Only if the student provides written
justification for using it?  Only if the teacher is willing to read the
reference source personally to "vet" the accuracy of the information?
Only if the student uses enough additional sources to "correct" for any
possible mis-information that might have crept in?  Only if the student
prints out the article, since by the time the teacher looks at it - the
information might have changed radically?  Anything else?
4.  What about blogs?  What strategies should I teach my students to
determine reliability of information?
5.  Once it is determined that the blogger is a reliable source - how
much of the blog should be considered reliable?  For instance - only the
blogmaster's writing?  What about the comments that are posted?

So many issues to think about..... I am sure you can think of many more.
 We are blazing new trails here folks - and who better than librarians
to do the bush-whacking?!

Please send your thoughts and links to information that you think will
be useful.  I will assemble any and all comments and links into a "hit".


"The Librarian, whose job is to heal ignorance, to keep life safe for
poetry and to put knowledge smack dab in the middle of the American

From The Philadelphia Inquirer, 9-20-03
Jacquie Henry, MLS
Ruben A. Cirillo High School (GHS)
Gananda Central School District
3195 Wiedrick Road
P.O. Box 609
Macedon, NY  14502

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