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Hi all,
    A little while ago there was some discussion on the listserv about those states 
in which teachers cannot draw their own or their spouses Social Security - even if 
they have paid into the fund - because they are in a private pension plan, such as 
the Teacher's Retirement System, and legislation was passed which prevents their 
being able to claim SS benefits.  This type of legislation is in place in 15 
states: California, Colorado, Arkansas, Conneticut, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky,  
Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Missouri, Nevada, Ohio, Rhode Island, and Texas.  If 
you are currently teaching in any of these states, and you or your spouse have 
accrued credit in Social Security, you may want to look into the retirement 
provisions that will effect your retirement.  However, while only these 15 states 
have this legislation, it effects teachers in every state, as teachers move from 
state to state.   It is estimated that 300,000 people are losing an average of 
$3,600.00 per year due to the GPO/WEP, and the greatest impact is on women who 
cannot claim survival benefits from Social Security after the death of their 
spouse.  Also, the numbers of effected people are growing, as more people reach 
retirement age under these limitations.  Efforts are being made to get this 
legislation overturned.  Currently, over 200 members of Congress from both sides of 
the aisle have signed on to support a House or Senate version of the Social 
Security Fairness Act (H.R. 82/S. 206) which would repeal the GPO and the WEP.  We 
may be seeing a repeal of these provisions, but for those of you who plan to retire 
in the near future, you may find this information useful, as we are finding that 
there are large numbers of people who are unaware of how this legislation will 
negatively impact their retirement income.   
                                                        Linda Lucke       
Linda Lucke
Learning Center Director
Butterfield School
1441 W. Lake Street
Libertyville, IL 60048
Libertyville, IL
"Teachers aren't paid to love children.  Loving children is what teachers do for 
extra credit.  It's not the main assignment - but it's more important than the main 
assignment.  Extra credit is done of your own free will.  Work and love given of 
your own free will is always more joyous, better quality stuff."  Sahara Special, 
by Esme Codell.

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