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I need some help ASAP and I know of no better group to ask.  We have an event at my 
5-8 middle school called "Reading and Writing Spectacular" that has everything from 
an author visit to a play, from a day of performers, to a day of workshops.  I have 
just been asked to come up with an idea for a workshop by this afternoon.  The 
workshop is about 40-45 minutes long and there are three through the day, with 20 
students in each.  These are wide open - one person is doing wordgames, one is 
decorating flip flops, someone is doing a cooking activity, others are board games, 
vampires, the spoons, swing dancing, etc.
  I am no good at this type of thing, I tried sudoku last year and it didn't go 
over as well as I had hoped.   What I didn't realize at the time, is that whatever 
spots on the signup sheet that are not filled with people who want to take the 
workshop are filled up with people who have no interest.  So those students are 
disruptive to the ones that want to be there.
  Basically I am wide open to ideas.  I have thought of doing suduko again, just 
make it a lot more hands on than last year (last year, since I thought I would get 
only those interested in the topic, I planned a lot more around strategies).  Other 
thoughts I have toyed with have been Manga/comic books (although I am not sure what 
or how as I don't have a lot of either in the library), creating a pop-up, 
scrapbooking a picture (I do have a lot of supplies for that, but it would require 
everyone to bring a picture unless someone out there has a great idea for 
pictureless people) or some sort of other crafty thing that doesn't take a lot of 
  So, any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated.  I will post a hit if 
there is any interest.  Thank you in advance for any and all help.
  Kaline Goodrich, LMS
  Hermon, ME 

The fish are biting.
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