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Hi Jeff and others,

Goodness, first "scrotum" and now "fellatio" right here on LM_Net. What is
the profession coming to? ;-)

I liked Stacy Schiff's comments about the scope of Wikipedia in her
wonderful New Yorker article:

Apparently, no traditional encyclopedia has ever suspected that someone
might wonder about Sudoku or about prostitution in China. Or, for that
matter, about Capgras delusion (the unnerving sensation that an impostor is
sitting in for a close relative), the Boston molasses disaster, the
Rhinoceros Party of Canada, Bill Gates¹s house, the forty-five-minute
Anglo-Zanzibar War, or Islam in Iceland. Wikipedia includes fine entries on
Kafka and the War of the Spanish Succession, and also a complete guide to
the ships of the U.S. Navy, a definition of Philadelphia cheesesteak, a
masterly page on Scrabble, a list of historical cats (celebrity cats, a cat
millionaire, the first feline to circumnavigate Australia), a survey of
invented expletives in fiction (³bippie,² ³cakesniffer,² ³furgle²),
instructions for curing hiccups, and an article that describes, with
schematic diagrams, how to build a stove from a discarded soda can.²

Schiff, Stacy ³Know it all: Can Wikipedia conquer expertise?² New Yorker,
July 31, 2006. 

Jeff's point is a good one - the scope of Wikipedia is one of its major
values. For me especially, it is invaluable for technology terms.

All the best,


Doug Johnson
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You cannot depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus. Mark

On 6/5/07 11:22 AM, "Hastings, Jeff" <HASTINGJ@HOWELLSCHOOLS.COM> wrote:

> Plus: This may be obvious, but as SCHOOL librarians, most of us also
> have to realize that our students are never going to be able to find the
> definition of the term 'dirty sanchez' or detailed instructions on
> performing fellatio by consulting World Book or Brittanica.
> Jeffrey Hastings

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