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I was going to suggest we close this thread, and then we had a few really positive 
turns, such as from Deb Logan, Ray Barber, Stacey Wicksall, and Deborah Stafford 
with some of the comments below.  Let's keep the idea of turning a potential 
negative to something that affirms the good work you all do.

we all need to carry the message of the important role you all play, but be of good 
cheer, rejoice in what you do.

I love the idea of the Ken Burns style video and feel it has excellent 
potential....If we want to be regarded as educators/ teachers, then we need to 
look, talk and act like educators.  Instead of a video showing things that people 
already have stereotyped images of us doing (opening boxes 
of books, shelving books, cataloging books, repairing books, etc.), focus the video 
on meeting w/teachers, teaching, grading, doing lesson 
plans, reading our National Standards, working on Web pages, assisting students at 
the computer, and these types of activities. 
This is a great opportunity to educate; let's send a message that helps people 
shift rather than reinforce their paradigms.

stop and think who else in the school also get no cards or small gifts. True many 
are not certified educators but do deserve to be remembered. People such as the 
Nurse, Secretaries, Janitor, Cafeteria workers.

I will be making a note of others in our building that receive few, if any kudos, 
throughout 2010.  I plan on keeping this wonderful spirit alive by sending out a 
few wee Santa cards of my own. 

Blythe Allison Bennett
Assistant Director, School Media Program
Director, Summer Institute
School of Information Studies
Syracuse University

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