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I am another who was invited to take on the teacher librarian position with plenty 
of 'teacher'
experience but no 'librarian'.  I did not have a mentor but I did have a fabulous 
clerical who
taught me about the day-to-day management while I did my masters. 

Because I now mark some units of that same course I am able to reflect on that 
experience and, to he
honest, I think that, at the time, I was too busy with the daily detail to 'get' 
the big picture.
But I did have some great aha! moments (still do even though I've retired) and, 
after the first
semester, it started to make sense and my expertise became more balanced between 
skills and
understanding. With the papers I mark it is hard to determine whether the candidate 
is 'in the job'
by their responses.  Because of another program, I do know the situation of many 
but I can't say
that they give better responses than those who are not.  I think there are many 
other variables
including the role models the candidate has had,  their personal passion for 
learning and whether
the philosophies they are introduced to actually fit with those they hold, their 
willingness to be
challenged and changed, all those sorts of 'un-measurables'.  I might also add that 
the number of
HDs or Distinctions you get is not an indicator of the job you will do.  Like 
everything, it boils
down to the relationships you build.

The issue that many have with non-qualified personnel is that it gives the 
impression that anyone
can do the job, so if a teacher is appointed I believe that there should be a 
significant commitment
by that person to undertake formal qualifications.  If they are already in a 
course, and are the
best candidate for the job it shouldn't be an issue.  

But if Alissa is in a position to offer this person help with her decision then why 
do you ask her
why she has a problem.  That way your advice would be targeted at that issue,

Barbara Braxton
Teacher Librarian

Together we learn from each other 

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