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I would like to add (again) to the discussion by agreeing with Lisa Hunt
regarding the need for education administrators to understand the problems
that can arise when librarians are hired w/o the certification or degrees
needed to fully perform their jobs.  Few (if any) school districts would
hire or promote a classroom teacher to the position of administrator without
requiring that the individual to be fully certified.  However, I doubt that
most educators would say that the school administrator and the school
librarian have the same responsibilities--- or do they?  I would say that
our positions are more alike than dissimilar and yet, we, as librarians, are
much too humble to defend our professional positions by sharing those

One of the most important things I feel that I can do (now) at the academic
level is to advocate for school librarians by speaking with / teaching those
"baby administrators" who are enrolled in the administrative course work.  A
"new education administrator" is needed to help us make the changes that are
needed to ensure opportunities for collaboration between the teachers and
the librarian, to move toward academic excellence, and to help educate our
stakeholders of the importance of a school library and a certified school
librarian.  The research is out there and reports have been written;
however, our message does not penetrate the barriers of the academic
curriculum that fails to focus on ways that administrators can create a
successful school program.  We, at the the academic level, have a duty to
continue to work toward becoming a vital component within THIS particular
program at the universities and administrative programs that educate our
incoming administrators because we know that it is the school's
administrator that sets the tone for the rest of the school.

Once the captain has been trained well and understands the duties and roles
of each member of the ship, it is a guarantee that the cargo will be
successfully delivered.

(Sorry for the "ship at sea"'s been raining for the last two
weeks and I think I'm getting a bit water-logged!)

Ahoy mates!


Shonda Brisco
Assistant Professor / Curriculum Materials Librarian
Mary L. Williams Curriculum Materials Library
001 Willard Hall
Oklahoma State University
Stillwater, OK 74078

"Digital Resources" columnist
School Library Journal

"Libraries will get you through times of no money better than money will get
you through times of no libraries." ~ Library Poster

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