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I was recently referred to this list so I have just come on board today.
I do need to ask a question and see if anybody out there can give me some
advice or feedback.  We are looking for some way to get a patron count at
our library and we have been looking at Gaylord's Guardian Patron Counter
#LLPC.  Has anyone had any experience with these and if so does anyone
know what kind of problem I might have with putting close to a 3M
security system?  Everything else in the world seems to cause problems
with the 3M so it just seems logical that this might.  Any help on this
would be greatly appreciated and I look forward to being on this list.

     Bob McGlasson                         Coordinator of Media Services
     e-mail: bmcglasson@sbuniv.edu         Southwest Baptist University
     Phone:  (417)326-1627                 University Library
     Fax:    (417)326-1652                 1600 University Avenue
                                           Bolivar, Missouri  65613

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