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Last year I bought a book called DEAR NAPOLEAN, I KNOW YOU'RE DEAD, BUT...
by Elvira Woodruff.  After I read it and booktalked it to my school
(Darnestown E.S.), it was on reserve for the entire year.  I think it
would also be enjoyed by seventh and eighth graders as well.  Also I
loved Gordon Korman's LOSING JOE'S PLACE as well as ALL of his other
young adult books - they are VERY funny.   AND, Koertge's books, such as
ARIZONA KID and his others are also very good, but they usually have some
sexual experience in them.  Hope this helps.
Tamah Graber   Darnestown E.S.  Darnestown, MD

On Fri, 10 Jun 1994, Mary Ann Campbell wrote:

> Do you have a Best Middle School book to recommend for summer reading?
> Would it be suitable as a read aloud book for 7th graders?  Eigth
> graders?  Reply directly to macamp@tenet.edu.

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