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Counter Infomation No. 40 - Part 3 (fwd) 06/10/94 Arthur R. McGee
Re: Target>Fiction titles on gangs 06/10/94 per A Rogers
Re: organization of elementary library 06/10/94 Jean Liming
Re: 4 weddings and a poem 06/10/94 Rachel Carlson
Best Book Middle School 06/10/94 Mary Ann Campbell
Mass. Job Openings 06/10/94 Jessica Coutinho
Auden Poem 06/10/94 Barbara Dryer
Free Internet Access 06/10/94 ELINOR HABER
Auden Poem 06/10/94 Valerie L. Haas
Internet Resources 06/10/94 Debra L. Frederick
Sunshine Coast subscribers 06/10/94 Elaine Seepish
School and Children's librarians -- Please Share Your Expertise... 06/10/94 Mike Eisenberg
Internet Censorship Survey 06/10/94 Elisabeth E. Cook
Re: Documentation 06/11/94 CAROLAN
MISC> Mtn. Lake Software - Story Contest - Kids (fwd) 06/11/94 Carol Simpson
MISC> MS Works Article Contest (fwd) 06/11/94 Carol Simpson
Re: Osiris, scheduling program 06/11/94 Global SchoolNet Fdn (FrEdMail)
MISC> Internet Reference Success Stories, Part Deux (fwd) 06/11/94 Gail M. Szeliga
access to AOL 06/11/94 Joanne McGee Northfield ES
Lantasti and Unison Solutions and Thanks 06/11/94 Health Sciences Libraries Consortium
Re: LM_NET Digest - 10 Jun 1994 - Special issue 06/11/94 Anitra Gordon
Re: LM_NET Digest - 10 Jun 1994 to 11 Jun 1994 - Special issue 06/11/94 Anitra Gordon
Citizenship Gift 06/11/94 Nancy Fralic
HIT-->Summer Reading List 06/11/94 Evie Funk
National Education Association Convention 06/11/94 Karen S. Whetzel
Target>advice for new MS librarian 06/11/94 Jacqueline A.C. Keith (Jackie)
Re: Citizenship Gift 06/11/94 D'Errico
REF Larson cartoon 06/11/94 Diane K. ClausSmith
Re: Best Book Middle School 06/11/94 Tamah Graber
Help for K media specialist? 06/11/94 Dr. Peter L. Henderson
HIT->LD periodicals 06/12/94 CAROLAN
New York Job Opening 06/12/94 Maryalice Brennan
Re: Documentation 06/12/94 Judy Estabrook
HIT=> piles and piles of catalogs 06/12/94 Global SchoolNet Fdn (FrEdMail)
HIT=>piles of catalogs (better format) 06/12/94 Global SchoolNet Fdn (FrEdMail)
Re: REF Larson cartoon 06/12/94 Valerie L. Haas
ATTN: Katie Filipowicz-Global Quest 06/12/94 Jane Hohn
summer reading lists for k-3,4-5 06/12/94 Lincoln, Carol
Re: summer reading lists for k-3,4-5 06/12/94 Janet Rawdon Lincoln-Eliot Sch 617-552-7400
bookstore on the net (Bookstacks Unlimited Bookstore) 06/12/94 Wade E. Grimes
ZUZU 06/13/94 Diane K. ClausSmith
Re: "Ending Catalog Chaos" 06/13/94 Betty Dawn Hamilton
Information skills in OBE format 06/13/94 Sharon Croucher
Re: REF Larson cartoon 06/13/94 Shannon Acedo
Re: Target>advice for new MS librarian 06/13/94 Sharon L. Harmon
Washington D.C.'s Cherry Blossom Festival 06/13/94 Arlene McDace
Global Quest Reviews 5 06/13/94 Katie Filipowicz
Virus Friday the 13th? 06/13/94 STANLEY FUICE
Adobe Acrobat software and Apple File Exchange 06/13/94 JCONSTANT
BEST LIBRARY SCHOOLS 06/13/94 Friends Academy
AECT Professional Development Conference 06/13/94 Barb Baker
Alternative High School Librarians 06/14/94 rosemary knapp
National Archives Gopher Press Release (fwd) 06/14/94 Wade E. Grimes
Re: Information skills in OBE format 06/14/94 Debbie Abilock
Re: Documentation 06/14/94 Betty Dawn Hamilton
"Hot" Employment Opportunities 06/14/94 Pasco LMNET readers
Re: Help for K media specialist? 06/14/94 Betty Dawn Hamilton
Children's literature in the classroom 06/14/94 Jana Wise
TARGET->INTERNET use 06/14/94 Gloria McClanahan
JOB FAIRS 06/14/94 Elaine Seepish
old magazines 06/14/94 Richard Teller
From Blanche Woolls 06/14/94 Carrie Gardner
school library media job opening --> terrific 06/14/94 Mike Eisenberg
Summer volunteer... 06/14/94 Ron Trice
HIT>Adice for new MS librarian 06/14/94 Jacqueline A.C. Keith (Jackie)
Re: BEST LIBRARY SCHOOLS 06/14/94 Janet Rawdon Lincoln-Eliot Sch 617-552-7400
Re: Information skills in OBE format 06/14/94 Julie Walker
No Subject 06/14/94 Julie Walker
Hit>CD-ROM's 06/14/94 Maggie M. Calcara
Multi-standard VCRs 06/14/94 Maggie M. Calcara
Hit-> Division of responsibilities in HS libraries plus addendum 06/14/94 Julie Walker
Hawaii friends 06/14/94 Colane Recker
Bibliographic instruction 06/14/94 p. swan
Bibliographic instruction 06/14/94 p. swan
Re: "Ending Catalog Chaos" 06/15/94 Barb Baker
Recreational computer games 06/15/94 Joyce Otto
Re: LIBRARIAN JOKES 06/15/94 Global SchoolNet Fdn (FrEdMail)
help with information and ideas! 06/15/94 Cheryl Bybee
PFS file conversion 06/15/94 Margaret J. McCormick
Re: Multi-standard VCRs 06/15/94 Carol Simpson
HIT->Alcoholism theme in fiction 06/15/94 CAROLAN
Wiretap 06/15/94 Global SchoolNet Fdn (FrEdMail)
Scholars Bookshelf 06/15/94 Margaret J. McCormick
Historical Fic. 1760-1860 06/15/94 Michelle F. Hollandsworth
Famour Quotes 06/15/94 Victoria Lo Brutto
Re: LM_NET Digest - 13 Jun 1994 - Special issue 06/15/94 Susan, Forsling.
Grolier encyclopedia trade 06/15/94 Global SchoolNet Fdn (FrEdMail)
Air conditioning and automation 06/15/94 Global SchoolNet Fdn (FrEdMail)
Living Dogs and Dead Lions 06/15/94 Jeannine JJ Towler
Virus alert 06/15/94 RBETTENCOURT
William LEast Heat Moon 06/16/94 Debbie Athanases
1993 CIA factbook 06/16/94 Wade E. Grimes
Re: Multi-standard VCRs 06/16/94 David Brodosi (STPETE)
For NY State LMS going to ALA 06/16/94 Sara Kelly Johns
TENET ?? 06/16/94 Jean W. Northington
Final call for LM_NET gathering at Miami 06/16/94 June Kahler
Videocassette distributers 06/16/94 Patricia Gosda
Re: Bibliographic instruction 06/16/94 Jean Liming
Re: school library media job opening --> terrific 06/16/94 Jean Liming

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