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I am hoping for a quick response from my fellow school librarian/media
specialists-generalists, etc.  We learned just yesterday that with the
departure of our Director of Library Services at Central Office (she is
moving out of state), the school board plans to "reorganize" in such a
way that her position will NOT be filled.  Instead, they propose to name
the current director of Media Services "Director of Library and Media
Services."  You are undoubtedly thinking....so what?...they are certainly
related fields that should be tied together.  Well, the current situation
in our district is that up until now, our media services department is
strictly for the purchase and repair of audiovisual equipment, the
handling of all textbooks for the district and some videotaping of school
events for public relations.  The current director is a man who moved
through the ranks in several areas...mostly through the PR office and is
a very competent, nice person....he is NOT, however, a librarian.  He has
no training as a librarian, much less a library science degree or
endorsement.  He, I am sure, couldn't tell you what a MARC record is, has
probably never even looked at, much less touched one of our SIRSI catalog
computers (and the district is still trying to get all the schools online
after 4 years of beginning implementation.)  Even he is dismayed at this
move since he feels that he already had one full time job.  Here is where
your help is needed.  We plan to go before the board Monday night, which
is when they plan to make the final decision, and I would like any
ammunition you could send.  We are specifically looking for arguments and
professional articles that articulate the necessity of having a librarian
in charge of district libraries.  I have just sent a request to the
Askeric service but would like your input as well.  I might add that we
are a very Large school district which this past year received a national
second place award for our school library/media program.  We are anxious
to keep a librarian as our director.  Please help.  Thanks in advance.

Cheryl Bybee, Librarian/Learning Resources Specialist
Katherine Stinson Middle School
13200 Skyhawk Drive
San Antonio, TX 78249
(210)561-3615      cbybee@tenet.edu
Northside ISD

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