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Sandy, I'm not familiar with Follett per se, but I believe your
disappearing titles can be explained in terms of the MARC record.  There
can be several tags for differing types of titles in the same record.  The
title proper appears in tag 245, the uniform title in tag 130 or 240,
analytical titles in 740, cover title in 246, etc.  Depending on the OPAC
software, all or some of these titles would appear in addition to the
title proper as it appears in 245.  I believe you were seeing variant
titles in the same record, which explains the "duplicate" barcodes and the
joint disappearance of both titles after the removal of "one" record!  Aha!

Hope this helps.

Jyl M. Chickowski
Supervisor, Library Technical Services
Spring Branch ISD
Houston, Texas

On Wed, 2 Mar 1994, Sandy Scroggs wrote:

> Today I saw two titles for Bambi's Children--one in English and one in
> another language (Bambi's kinder).  Each record had 2 copies attached.  I
> knew that we didn't have but 2 copies.  Upon checking the copy info, each
> title had the same two barcodes listed.  Never knowing CircPlus to attach
> a barcode twice to any items, I experimented and removed one title.  Each
> title (the one in English and the one in the other language?) disappeared.
>  Any explanations?  Are separate listings generated for titles with
> translated titles?
> Sandy Scroggs                   Kate Schenck Elementary School
> Librarian                       101 Kate Schenck Avenue
> sandyscr@tenet.edu              San Antonio, Texas 78223
>                                 1-210-333-0611

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