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To all who replied about word processing programs for kids that run on a
Windows machine -- my heartfelt thanks!

The patron and the patron's daughter (the daughter is buying the program
for the patron's granddaughter) were overwhelmed with the reponses!  Almost
all of the responders indicated that they had first-hand knowledge that
kids like the particular program recommended, which helped the daughter
narrow her choices.

Here is a list of some of the recommended programs.  I received so many
replies, I may have accidently erased some of the responses, so if you
don't see your recommendation here, it is not because it wasn't
appreciated! (Some suggested Macintosh programs; I've listed those

Windows programs:

Amazing Writing Machine.

Creative Writer -- several suggested this and one responder stated it was
reviewed well in vol. 1, no 2 of Multimedia Schools.  Another said that
Microsoft has a Creative Artist program as well.

Kid Pix Studio -- a few suggested this one

Microsoft Works--all 3 components (word processing, database, and spreadsheet)

My Own Stories

The Student Writing Center (This may be the same as The Writing Center
below; being a Mac person myself, I'm not sure)

The Write and Paintbrush items in the Accessories group on Windows (the
responder states that middle school kids use them at her school and like
them a lot)

The Writing Center -- picture selections, headers,newsletter, and custom
features -- several people suggested this one

Mac programs:

Kidswork 2

My Own Stories

Storybook Weaver

Writing Center

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