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 "How important is your library to your school?  What would you
miss if you did not have a library?  Come find out how your library can
truly be 'the heart of the school.' For teachers and librarians."

The questions are answered simply.  The library is the Information Center,
the Command Post, the center for Life long learning.  Perhaps, the library is
the most essential place in the school because it is here that students learn
how to learn.  Students use the library as a stepping stone into the real
world where information is abundant and effective use will mean successful
life.  Of course, you must tell them about The Big 6 by Mike Eisenberg and
Bob Berkowitz.  Teachers, students and parents need to know how the library
can assist their children in learning about life.  If you teach the Big 6
process to the children and parents, you are giving them a process to learn
about life.  Perhaps this is a place for the banana split lesson plan that
uses banana splits as the base for showing how important information is to
life.  Bad information, bad banana splits.  I have made more copies of the
lesson plan and the booklet I used to present the Big 6 at a graduate course
I was taking.  I also have information written by Earl J. Moniz that gives a
great re-working of the packet.  If you are interested, I have had to ask for
copying and postage.  Send e-mail to me directly at <<TLittle844@aol.com>>.
 I hope this helps.  It also gives a good stepping stone to why integration
of curriculum with resource based teaching is important.

Tami Little
1705 Rebecca Street
Sioux City, IA 51103

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