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Group, since many of you are fans of Lois Duncan as I am, I thought you
might be interested in a response that I received from her.  I browsed
the web page that one of you posted on this discussion group, but I had a
very difficult time reading the text because of the black print on rich blue.

Our correspondence follows. I do not have the web page address, but when
I find it, I will post to the group again.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Wed, 21 Aug 1996 11:05:15 -0700
From: Donald Arquette <D003739@interpath.com>
To: Betty Hamilton <bhamilt@tenet.edu>
Subject: Re: Web Page

Betty Hamilton wrote:
> Dear Ms. Duncan,
> I am very sympathetic toward your mission.  Your book about your daughter has
> certainly served to open the eyes of your readers.  I hope your web site
> does the same.
> May I make one suggestion, however?  I suspect the lovely blue was designed
> as a tribute to Kait, but it is quite hard to read with black print.
> Would you try white print to see if it's a bit more legible?  I wear
> glasses to make my vision 20/20, but even with that, I had difficulty.
> I would hate for you to lose some valuable communication because the person
> needing to communicate could not read the web page.
> Thank you for writing so many wonderful books that our students love to read.
> We are *all* sorry for your loss! We travel through Albuquerque
> regularly when we go on vacation, and now I never pass through that I
> don't think of Kait and your family.
> Sincerely,
> Betty Hamilton <bhamilt@tenet.edu>
> Brownfield High School Librarian (formerly Middle School Librarian)
> Brownfield, Texas

Thank you for your kind letter, Betty, and for caring about us and
about Kait.  You are absolutely right about the black print.  It wasn't
supposed to be black, it was supposed to be a bright color that would
stand out from the blue.  Something went awry in the production process,
and we will see that it is fixed.  Anything you can do to help us
publicize Kait's homepage address, via Internet lists or print media
such as professional news letters, would be greatly appreciated.  We are
so new to this Internet thing that we are stumbling along, trying to
figure it all out.  Warm wishes -- Lois Duncan

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