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I have one thought about teachers that like to keep the same items out all
year.  Our teachers borrow from each other things that are checked out-ie if
two teachers are doing the same unit they borrow from each other items
checked out from the media center.  If they need an item that is checked out
we either send them to that teacher to borrow OR we get it back- since we now
have a convenient excuse - and check it out to the person who needs it. This
materials are available to all the teachers at least.  If they get enough
requets from other teachers they will turn them in. While this does not meet
the ALA standards of anonymity for checkouts, it works for us.  In the three
years I have been in the media center nobody has complained about this
system.  At least we haven't heard about it!:-)

Margaret Hunt
Maggiehu@aol.com, grahamel@mindspring.com

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