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               I am trying to locate an author to a book that I read in 5th
Grade in 1964 .
                The Title was "Peter's Moose " .

                It was set in Montanna fairly current (for the time )
setting .  Basic plot was 10-12 year old boy who raises a Moose named
"Silly".  The rest of the plot dealt with a rural school and
a recent arrival (girl from the big city) who was very unhappy and had a
rather paranoid mom.

        Silly was banned from the school because he stepped on Daisey's toes
and broke her foot .( He didn't mean to , but he was almost 1000 lbs in
weight at the time )
        The Climax involved a bizzard, burning school house and Silly's
comming to the the rescue.

                I have been looking for this book on and off for about 20
years now I hope someone out there has a clue.  Oh ,I seem to remember the
cover was orange cloth with a picture of Silly in the lower right hand
corner and it was not a new book at the time maybe early to mid fifties.   I
really liked the book and would like to read it to my kids.

                Also does anyone have the address for "Wee Deliver" program.
After much time searching the US Postal Service Site we can't ferret one out
.  TIA

Victoria L. Rubottom
Sacred Heart School
Emporia , Ks.

Victoria L. Rubottom
Sacred Heart School
Emporia, Ks.

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