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I wish I had known 60 Minutes last night was showing a segment on the
Internet -- did any of you watch it. Leslie Stahl investigated all the false
information and rumors that appear on the Net as fact and why EVERYTHING on
the Internet should be taken with at least a tiny grain of salt.  The editor
of Internet World demonstrated setting up a home page with a false name and
sending out e-mail with a fake identity.  I know a few students --
thankfully not too many teachers -- that should have seen this and taken it
to heart.
t 03:28 PM 3/2/97 -0500, you wrote:
>    I have to agree with Pat Dalpiaz on this subject!  It does seem that
>often times students, and even teachers consider the Internet a "quick fix"
>type of resource.  Granted, it is possible to find information on virtually
>any topic on the Internet; however, it should not be considered a replacement
>for more traditional resources, in which answers are often located more
>easily and quickly!   While the Internet is an invaluable resource to have, I
>do not feel that it should be put on a pedestal as "the" resource to consult
>for any and all needed information.
>Tracey Donaldson
>School of Information Science & Policy
>University at Albany
Elizabeth Letterly, District Librarian  eletterl@abelink.com
Williamsville CUSD #15, Williamsville, IL  USA  62693

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