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On Monday, Mar. 3 Betty Dawn Hamilton wrote:

> Yes, and just this weekend on a television news interview, one person
> was telling another how *anyone* can put up a professional looking web
> page and claim *anything* to be true.

I heard this was on "60 Minutes"  last night (Sun)?

We are currently addressing this "problem" by offering workshops,
handouts, etc. to both students & instructors.  I have, ironically,
found some good info on this topic...on the WEB.

"The Web as a Tool for Research" by D. W. Green at

"Cyber Citations" by M. A. Arnzen

"Evaluating Internet Resources" by Dr. D. E. Descy

Of course, print info guidelines are much the same, but at least the
really inaccurate info was not so readily available in the past.  And,
we could easily show students the difference between a magazine & a
journal article.  Now it is just a "click" away and the students who
grabbed the first newsy mag for info now do the same on the internet.

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