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Hello Friends!
        This request is for any of you who are in New Zealand.  My 7th grade
son is doing a "World's Fair" project, and his group is doing New Zealand.
They will be having a huge school-wide display with information, recipes,
etc. about all countries on March 25.  He would like to hear from someone
there about what your life is like, what the schools are like, possibly a
favorite recipe (they have to have food available), etc.  He may have some
more specific questions, also--I just told him I'd "rattle the bushes" today
and see if there was any response.  Thanks for taking a few minutes of your
time for us!
        You can e-mail me directly.
Bonnie LaClave                  blaclav@in-motion.net
Library Media Specialist                Phone 765-436-2333
Thorntown Elementary            Fax 765-436-2630
200 Mill Street
Thorntown, Indiana 46071

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