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Media Friends,

I am looking for information on GALILEO usage in elementary schools.
Information collected from this will be used at a state wide meeting
here in Georgia to determine strengths/weaknesses Galileo may have in
regards to the elementary situation.  If you can help answer any of
the following questions, I would appreciate hearing from you.

1)  If you have used GALILEO in your school, how do you feel about it?

2)  What grades in your elem. school have used GALILEO?

3)  How have you used GALILEO?

4)  What are the strengths you have noticed?

5)  What are some weaknesses you have noticed?

6)  Do you have any suggestions for improving GALILEO in regards to
using it in the elementary situation?

7)  What state/provice/country are you located?

8)  What is the grade range in your school (Pre-5, K-5, etc.)?

Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

Tony Pope
Media Specialist
McHenry Elementary School
100 McHenry Drive
Rome, GA  30161
Phone:  (706)  236-1833
FAX:     (706)  290-8166
e-mail:  fkpd35a@prodigy.com

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