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Opening a new building is an opportunity to establish a new mindset,
policies and procedures and to rethink practices that have become
habits. It sounds like your situation is on the brink of becoming
adversarial.   Perhaps these points are worth considering...

Work to establish a cooperative approach. Share your concerns with tha
staff and seek solutions that all can live with.
Are there compromises that can be made?

What is the primary mission of the media center in your school? Is it
to support instruction? If so, shouldn't the goal be to provide as much
access as possible (striking a balance with security of course; BALANCE
being the operative word)?

Set up a procedure where staff members who need after hours access
leave the materials they select at the checkout desk with their name so
media staff can check them out the next day. Alternatively: leave a
list of titles and barcodes and take the materials.

Have teachers print a bibliography from the electronic card catalog and
leave it for media staff to pull.

If you lock the media center when you leave and there are still office
personnel on duty, leave a key and roster in the office so staff can
sign the key in and out, providing a record of use.

Michael Warner
Library Media Specialist
Forest Oak MS
Gaithersburg, MD

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