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Valentine's Day 1929, Chicago

In 1929, mobster Al Capone was opposed by one other mob boss, Hymie Weiss.
The two waged urban warfare on one another, making liberal use of the newly
developed Thompson submachine gun, which was available as government
surplus by the thousands.
After eliminating Weiss, Capone went after Weiss's successor, Bugs Moran.
Two Capone men disguised as police detectives, lined up seven men in
Moran's garage headquarters, then mowed them down with "Tommy guns."
Capone's men fired so many rounds into the victims that several men were
cut in two by the gunfire.  This butchery became the legend, "The St.
Valentine's Day Massacre."
The hit failed to eliminate Moran who was not present in the garage at the
time.  The brutality did change Capone's popular image as a harmless
bootlegger to one of a cold-blooded butcher.
Because they could never catch him dirty, Capone was being investigated by
the FBI who hoped to arrest him for tax evasion.
When Capone found out that Moran had a $50,000 price tag on his head,
Capone decided that prison was his safest bet and turned himself in for
carrying an illegal firearm, May, 1929. He was sentenced to a year in prison.
After further extensive investigation by the FBI Capone was imprisoned
again for 11 years and fined $ 80,000 for tax evasion.

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