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Grading does seem to an incentive that works for more students than doing a
good job does! And, it does seem to work at the secondary level as an
incentive for designing collaborative projects when the LMS offers to give
instruction in sources and citing, helps design the rubric and then GRADES
the Works Cited pages for the project as part of the rubric. Not everyone
takes me up on it if they feel confident in their own ability to do it (I
lenghen the time it takes to grade the reports; I make that clear from the
beginning), but it validates my role as the Queen of Bibliography (one
student dubbed me such last year) and my role as the school's most vocal
upholder of ethical use of information.

So, grades? Only as part of collaborative projects at the secondary level
but a good use of my time in the school's instructional process.

Sara Kelly Johns
Library Media Specialist
Lake Placid Middle/Senior HS LMC
250 Main Street
Lake Placid, NY 12946
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J'aime Foust writes:

> Susan Grigsby wrote on the idea of collaboration for grading between =
> teachers and librarians in secondary schools and I'd like to add my .02.  =
> This year we expanded our Freshman Library Orientation to include print =
> sources (English classes), databases (Social Studies) and internet =
> searches (Science).  In order for students to take it seriously, it needed =
> to be graded, but I didn't feel it was fair to put the whole burden on the =
> teachers who grade enough papers as it is!  So I graded 3 of 4 parts =
> (sources, works cited) and the teacher graded the short report.  It's =
> working out well so far - I've had almost 100% participation (don't ask =
> how - I think it's a fluke) and the students groan every time they see me. =
>  Ah, the sweet sound of success ...
> J'aime L. Foust, Librarian
> 409 Aviation Rd.
> Queensbury High School
> Queensbury, NY 12804
> (518- 793-8811 ext. 325
> "Outside of a dog, a book is Man's best friend.  And inside of a dog, it's =
> too dark to read."
>    (Groucho Marx)


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